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Realios A9052
Dirk Swettenham Olympic Studios
2 Band Equalizer Module

- 500 Series 2 Band Equalizer Modul
- Dirk Swettenham-Design für Olympic Studios
- Diskret aufgebaute Transistor-Schaltung
- Input & Output Transformatoren
- Grosse Dynamik-Range
- Extrem musikalisch gewählte Frequenzpunkte

The Classic Dick Swettenham Olympic Studios Design
Originally designed for the Olympic studios’ console by Dick Swettenham with guidance from engineer Keith Grant, this equalizer is a very useful  toolbox. It is the sound of records made at Olympic studios in the 60s and 70s and is now available in a 500 series format package.
The A9052 provides extremely musical high and low shelving bands, two mid / low frequency bands of equalization as well as a two position high-pass filter. The equalization points chosen provide instant control over musical timbre.
An addition to the original three transistor makeup gain stage is a class-A transistor output stage which will drive the most demanding of loads. Also included is a step-down input transformer and step-up output transformer which provides 6 dB greater headroom than the 500 series voltage rails would normally allow.
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