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1073 N
Standalone Mic Preamp and EQ Module

- Mono Mikrofon Vorverstärker und EQ Modul
- Betrieb in Rack oder Standalone
- Exklusive Neve Marinair Input und Output Trafos
- Legendärer 3 Band EQ mit zus. High Pass Filter
- Multipin-Anschluss für Rack oder XLR Combo
- Mikrofon-, Line- und DI-Inputs auf Geräterückseite

Standalone mono mic preamp and eq module
Designed and built in England, the modern-day 1073N is produced to the exact specifications of the original, matching components to ensure  the sound remains true. The Class A design 1073N microphone preamplifier has 3-band EQ (fixed HF plus two switchable bands with cut/boost capability) and a high pass filter. The Neve 1073N mic pre and EQ combination adds warmth and depth to recordings, brings out subtle ambience, maintains spatial positioning, and captures a more precise image – embodying, think many engineers and producers, the essence of  the Neve sound.

Building on the 1073 classic module features, the 1073N introduces extra functionality with an integrated DI input, I/O connectors for direct connection of microphones and instruments and other equipment, phantom power for powered microphones and a PSU for standalone use. It can also be fitted into compatible racks/housings or retrofit into 80 Series Neve Classic consoles.

Neve – no question.
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