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Dynamic Podcast Microphone

- Dynamisches Mikrofon für Podcaster
- Supernieren Charakteristik
- Front-Adress Design
- Schwarze oder rote Ausführung
- Yoke Mount
- Interner Shockmount für Kapsel
- Professioneller XLR Ausgang
- Für Podcast, Radio und Sprecher
- Lebenslange Funktionsgarantie

Launched in January 2020, the Sontronics PODCAST PRO is a dynamic microphone specially developed for podcast, broadcast, voiceover and gaming applications.

Thanks to its tight supercardioid pattern and excellent side rejection, the PODCAST PRO gives outstanding results on spoken word, capturing amazing leverls of detail and depht.

Designed, developed and hand-built in the UK, the PODCAST PRO is covered by the unique Sontronics Lifetime Warranty too.

Its specially designed internal protection and built-in fine-mesh popshield prevents distortion and provides superb control of sibilant voices.

Easy to set up and position, and requiring no EQ, the PODCAST PRO is compatible with any desktop, floor-mounted or boom-arm stand and gives you professional-quality sound, whatever your set-up.

Whether you're recording a podcast, radio or voiceover, capturing audio for vlogs or YouTube, or even using the mic for sung vocals and instruments, the PODCAST PRO will take your sound to new highlights.
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