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Noise Gate Module

- Mono Noise Gate Modul
- Vollwertiges Noise Gate auf Basis DS201
- Hysterese Schaltung oder Trigger Stabilisierung
- Variable Hoch- und Tiefpass-Filter
- Umfangreiche Hüllkurvensteuerung
- Externes Triggern mit Key Input oder Infrarot-Trigger
- Extrem schnelle Attack
- Einsetzbar für Gating und Ducking

The Industry-Standard High-End Noise-Gate comes to the 500 Series!
The DS101 is the first noise gate designed specifically for the 500 Series rack system and takes its place alongside the Drawmer family of industry standard Noise Gates, such as the DS201, DS501 and DS404. Anyone familiar with those units will immediately be at home with  the DS101.

Based on a single-channel of the DS201 the DS101 is a sophisticated noise gate incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, such as variable high and lowpass filters for “frequency conscious gating.”

Other features include comprehensive envelope control, attack, hold, decay, and range, plus a whole host of other features, all adding up to one amazing processor.

When placed side by side in a 500 series rack two or more gates can be linked using the new infra red triggering mechanism employed on the DS101. This means that any number of gates can be linked with each having their own envelope shaping whilst the trigger pulse passes through unchanged, this opens up a whole world of “envelope follower” effects limited only by your imagination.
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