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Omni Pro
4x2 Channel Binaural Microphone

- 4 x 2-kanaliges binaurales Mikrofon
- Geeignet für 3D Surround Aufnahmen
- Mikrofon-Ohren aus Polyuretan
- 8 Stk. DPA 4060BU High Sensitivity Kapseln
- Batteriebetrieb oder Phantom Power
- 4x XLR 5 Pin Outputs, Kabel optional erhältlich
- Sehr natürlicher Klang, v.a. mit Kopfhörern

The 3Dio Omni Pro binaural microphone consists of 4 pairs of ears, each pointed at 90 degrees from the adjacent pair. This provides a single point, 4-position binaural perspective of any audio environment.

The 3Dio Omni Pro comes with four sets of matched, integrated DPA 4060 capsules mounted at the opening of each ear canal. The Omni Pro delivers a very sensitive and natural binaural recording. The extremely low noise floor of the DPA 4060 capsules results in a very open and dynamic binaural realism, especially during very delicate recordings. This sensitivity, coupled with the wide dynamic range of the microphone capsules, makes the Omni Pro ideally suited for professional 360° camera recordings and binaural virtual reality capture.

The 3Dio Omni Pro binaural microphone requires four, 5-pin to dual 3-pin XLR cables, such as the Rode NT4-DXLR cables.

The 3Dio Omni Pro binaural microphone captures stereo binaural audio from 4 different directions. 0 degrees, 90, 180, and 270 degrees, corresponding to the 4 different binaural angles (ear pairs) around the microphone. The microphone is an 8-channel microphone, but it is useful to edit and mix the output of the microphone in 4 pairs of stereo binaural tracks. 90 degrees being clockwise, or 3 o'clock.

Synchronizing Omni binaural audio to a 360 video during playback only requires a simple volume control script, which is provided for download HERE (a Unity example in C#). This is typically implemented in a custom VR video player app. This particular script works directly with Unity for demonstration purposes, but can easily be ported to any other language that supports audio playback with volume control. The script plays all 4 Omni stereo binaural tracks in sync, while adjusting the volume of each based on the user's head azimuth rotation angle. The user essentially only hears a blend of 2 of the 4 tracks at any given time. The script crossfades between the Omni binaural tracks using an equal power crossfade algorithm. The download zip file also includes some example Omni binaural tracks to test with.

To record the output of the Omni Pro microphone, we recommend an 8-channel recorder with 48V phantom power on each channel.

The Omni Pro binaural microphone is ideally suited for adding immersive binaural audio to your 360 degree video production. The Omni Pro microphone can also be used to provide binaural localization/orientation freedom for audio engineers. Simply place the mic where you want it, hit record, and binaurally/positionally mix your audio sources in post.

This microphone uses the same ears and binaural technology found in the award-winning 360 degree concert experience from Beck: Hello, Again.

Microphone Capsules
The Omni Pro binaural microphone comes standard with 8 DPA 4060BU hi-sensitivity microphone capsules.

The Omni Pro binaural microphone comes standard with a 5/8" microphone stand adapter installed in the base. The microphone stand adapter is removable. The base of the microphone has a 1/4"-20 female thread mounting hole that can be connected to a hot-shoe adapter or used to mount directly onto a tripod or grip handle.

Unity Script and Audio Download
Download a zip file containing a Unity 3D script controller for playback of Omni Pro binaural tracks, as well as example audio files recorded by the Omni Binaural microphone.

The output of the Omni Pro binaural mic is a set of four 5-pin XLR connectors. Each connector is associated with the ears to the respective left and right. You can use splitter cables (not included) to break out the left/right signals to connect to your 8-channel preamp, or to 4 individual audio recorders. The outputs are true transformer-balanced, phantom powered 5-pin stereo XLR outputs.
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