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Brooklyn ADC
Stereo Mastering A/D Converter

- Stereo A/D Wandler in Mastering Qualität
- Analog Inputs XLR/Jack Combo
- Digital Outputs: AES/EBU, S/PDIF, TOSLINK, USB
- PCM Wandlung bis 384 kHz, 32 Bit, DSD256
- Wordclock Input und Output
- Mytek Femtoclock Generator
- Eingebauter Hardware MQA Encoder für Tidal

BROOKLYN ADC is Mytek best sounding ever new A/D converter designed specifically for most demanding mastering and recording applications where transparency of conversion and accuracy of detail are of the highest importance. Dual mono ADC chipsets with fully balanced signal path and conversion are sampling audio at 12 MHz, with a choice of high resolution audio output formats: up to 384kHz /32 bit and DSD 256.

Brooklyn ADC is the first commercially available ADC to feature built in MQA Kernel (TM) to be used for mastering to MQA streaming format. Together with the Brooklyn DAC , there is a set of mastering converters capable of capturing the finest details of music like never before with practical workflow enabling easy mastering in a variety of Hi-Res formats, including MQA. Brooklyn ADC offers a choice of input flavors: electronic line level or passive nickel transformer as well as optional high perfomance mic or phono input.

PCM up to 384kHz, 32 bit, DSD256 with simultaneous formats on output, including USB.

Transparent line level (electronic) or passive nickel transformer with saturation control, mic or phono input (optional plug in cards). Inputs accessible from both back and front panels.

AES, SPDIF, ADAT/Toslink (up to 192k, 24 bit), SDIF DSD, USB2 Class2 (All formats, up to 32 bit) (No drivers for Mac or Linux, bidirectional interface function with digital out on AES)

MQA Kernel(tm)
Built in (MQA compliant filters and dithering)

Control panel w. one button HiRes recording
Mac or Win app enabling control of all settings from a computer via USB. Features one button simultanoeus maximum resolution PCM and DSD recording without a DAW and easy flash firmware upgrades.

<1ps jitter Mytek Femtoclock (tm) generator. Wordclock I/O
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