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Soundelux USA U99
Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon

- Optimierte Version von David Bock des ehrwürdigen U87
- 2.54mm Dual K67 Mikrofon Kapsel
- Variabel, Multi-Pattern
- 2 Modes: Fat & Normal
- 3 HF-Schalter: Cut, Flat, Boost
- Pad -20dB
- NOS Röhre
- Sehr vielseitig einsetzbar
- Geliefert mit Shockmount, Kabel, PSU & Holzbox

Inspired by the original “Sound of Tomorrow U67”,  the U99 is a multi-pattern tube microphone for the recording  studio and for premier live events.

Featuring a k67 dual symmetrical backplate dual membrane capsule along with the signature Soundelux USA “fat” switch featured on the U195 microphone,  and an innovative new high frequency “boost-flat- cut” switch, the U99 has enough proximity effect to sound full, but not so much that it sounds boomy. This makes it a natural on vocals, acoustic instruments, drums, and VO.

As with all Soundelux USA mics, The U99 uses a “new old stock” tube and true linear high current power supply for fullest possible sound.  It also features a large core output transformer to radically increase the low frequency headroom.

The mic comes with it's own proprietary N470 power supply, six pin XLR cable, and bottom thread shock mount, and is built in the same facility by the same people who build Bock microphones.
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