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- Kompressor / Limiter
- Symmetrischer Mono- oder asymmetrischer Stereobetrieb
- 100% Neuentwicklung , kein LA2A Klon
- Schnelles Setup mit nur 2 Reglern
- Gerasterte Potis für Mastering und Stereosettings
- 400ms Attack, 0.9s Release, Softknee
- Monobetrieb mit zus. 2400ms Attack, 4.9s Attack
- Stereolink Schalter
- Neon-Metering-Anzeige mit echter VU-Ballisktik
- Minimalistisches differenzielles Schaltungsdesign
- Nur zwei aktiven Komponenten im Audiosignalweg
- Rackmount Kit optional erhältlich
- Entwickelt von Jonathan Little und Dave Amels

The LL2A is a half-rack sized compressor limiter which features a neon nixie meter display and a simple two knob, threshold and output gain, interface. It’s extremely easy control and transparent sound makes it a great choice for compressing vocals. The LL2A does not have a fixed ratio with a soft knee characteristic. It offers a side chain input, a hard bypass and a link option to link two LL2As for stereo operation.

The LL2A is a 100% original design (no LA-2A recreation) and developed by Jonathan Little and AnaMod co-founder, Dave Amels.

Two-knob fast setup, with high quality stepped, resettable threshold and gain controls.
Fast 400-microsecond attack, 0.9 second release soft knee compression. Also, a 2400-microsecond attack, 4.9 second release for bass, available in stand-alone mode.

Minimalist zen differential circuit topology utilizing only two active components in the audio signal circuit path.

Unique linear voltage multiplier gain reduction, a voltage-controlled attenuation (not amplification) unlike any other commercially available compressor.

True VU ballistic, accurate, fun neon Nixie tube metering.

Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, providing full current/ voltage for active audio components and a 1MHz low noise high voltage supply for the Nixie tube.

Linkable for two LL2A compressor stereo balanced use, or a single LL2A can be used for unbalanced stereo!

Rear panel TRS balanced side chain insert, TS link jack, XLR and TRS balanced mono i/o jacks, stereo unbalanced use TRS (tip-left, ring-right), or XLR pin 2-left pin 3-right.

Rack-mountable: Up to 2 LL2A compressor limiters fit in a 1u space.
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