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MixMaster 20
20 Channel Rackmixer

- 20 Kanal Rackmixer
- 16 Line Inputs, 4 Mikrofon Inputs
- Trafosymmetrierte Mikrofon Inputs
- Line Inputs ohne Transformatoren
- Mikrofon Inputs mit Inserts
- Mikrofon Inputs als XLR
- Line Inputs und Outputs als DB25
- USB Anschluss für Total Recall
- Passives trafogekoppeltes Stereosumming
- Penny & Giles Stereo Fader
- Master Sektion mit Solo, multiple Speaker, Talkback
- Cue Outputs mit Dims für Main Monitoring

The MixMaster 20 is a comprehensive analog centerpiece for your DAW based recording system. Tracking, editing, and mixing are all facilitated with this unit.

The MixMaster 20 includes four transformer coupled high gain low noise microphone preamplifiers that work with any type of microphone, ribbon, dynamic or condenser. Polarity and phantom power switching is provided on the front panel.   Line and instrument duties are handled by transformer coupled input bridging amplifiers with wide gain ranges, suitable for anything from keyboards to tape machines and interface outputs.   Each of the four input channels has a balanced insert point as well as four auxiliary output mix sends. Each channel may also be fed to the main stereo mix bus.   Mixing duties are handled by the four input channels plus the 16 transformerless line input channels. Each of these transformerless channels has fully controllable level and pan settings to the stereo mix bus. Mix settings can be stored and recalled via the USB port. The mixing is done passively, with the summing gain provided by transformer coupled mixing amplifiers. The balanced outputs of the mix amp  are available as a patch point for the insertion of compressors, equalizers or other signal processing equipment. The return is also transformer balanced and feeds the Penny & Giles stereo fader and output line amplifier, also transformer coupled.   Control room monitoring functions are also provided. These include a versatile solo system, multiple speaker system selector and level control, mix replay monitoring and talkback. Talkback feeds the cue outputs and dims the main monitoring system to aid communications and minimize feedback.
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