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T-Komp R
Stereo Compressor

- Stereo Kompressor, 19" 1U
- Level-abhängiges Ratio wie Vari-Mu Prinzip
- 2 Ratio Settings: 1:1 bis 20:1 oder 1:1 bis 2:1
- Feed Forward oder Feedback Modes
- 5 RMS Settings: fast bis slow & programmabhängig
- Blend Control für Parallel-Kompression
- Side Chain High Pass Filter bei 150 Hz
- Meter zeigt Gain Reduction
- Entwickelt und gefertigt in Schweden

The T-Komp has a unique design which offers a modern take on the old vari-mu ratio curve. The ratio is level dependent and increases with the signal level, a feature that will give you numerous possibilities.

To make the T-Komp more useful it has two ratio ranges. The first one goes up to 20:1, perfect for instrument tracking and smashing drums etc., the second, 2:1, is a more narrow range which makes it more suitable for bus compression.

The T-Komp can be selected between feed-forward mode for a punchy, modern response or feed-back mode with a smoother, more musical response.

The RMS detector has five settings, four from fast to slow where number four, the slowest, is similar to the old 160VU. The fifth position is a program dependent adaptive mode.
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