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Stereo Mic Preamplifier & 3 Band Equalizer

- Stereo Mik Vorverstärker mit EQ auf Basis 1073
- Nach Spezifikationen wie 73Jr, 73EQJR & DMA73
- Carnhill Transformatoren
- Dreistufiger, diskreter Preamp mit bis 80dB Gain
- Line Input mit separater XLR Buchse
- Pad -20dB für Mikrofon Input
- LO-Z schaltet Impedanz on 1200 auf 300 Ohm
- Exterm hochohmiger, JFET-basierter DI-Input
- 3 Band Induktor Vintage Equalizer
- Hi-Shelf Filter bei 12 kHz
- Mittenband mit 6 Frequenzen und Off
- Low-Shelf Filter mit 4 Frequenzen und Off
- Hipass Filter mit 4 Frequenzen und Off
- Rackformat 19" 1U
- Externes Netzteil für weltweiten Einsatz

The Heritage Audio ELITE series is a budget-friendly version of the widely respected, hand-wired 73JR and DMA73 preamps. A combination of mass production, lean manufacturing and modern construction techniques makes it possible to offer a zero compromise, high quality yet very affordable series of products.

The two channel HA73EQX2 ELITE microphone preamplifier with EQ is based on the iconic 1073, amplifying any microphone or instrument with vibrant clarity and punch. On driving the input harder it provides the saturated sound as known from a vintage console. With 80dB of gain the HA73EQX2 is suitable for any type of microphone - condenser, dynamic, or ribbon. The hand wounded Carnhill input and output transformers add warmth, girth, and authority to any sound source - mic, line, or even DI instruments. The separate input and output gain controls make it easy to control the transformer color without overloading the output stage. The DI circuit is ahead of the mic input transformer, perfect for adding some character to DI bass signals on the way in.

The EQ section of the HA73EQX2 ELITE is based on the classic 1073 circuit topology and provides the same sonics and loved harmonic distortion. It is a three-band design with a fixed HF shelving section, a fixed-Q midband with six selectable center frequencies and a LF shelving section with four selectable frequencies. A high pass filter with four selectable frequencies is perfect for removing unwanted low end.
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