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Stereo Compex Compressor, Limiter, Expander

- Stereo Compex Kompressor, Limiter & Expander
- Basiert auf ADR F760X-RS Compex
- Kompressor mit nachfolgendem Limiter
- Blue Phillips Kondensatoren und BC Series Transistoren
- Stereo Input und Stereo Output Regler
- Side Channel Omniport Send und Return
- Maximum Output Level +20dBu
- Extrem schneller 100% Peaklimiter
- Limiter PreEmphasis Schalter für De-Essing
- VU Meter zeigt Gain Reduction

The Q2 Audio F760X-RS "Compex Limiter"™ is a faithful recreation of the original but updated for modern manufacturing methods. We have added a side chain access point on each channel (1/4" TRS) that can be switched from compression to the expander/gate section by moving an internal jumper. Improvements have been made in voltage references and the potentiometers upgraded to conductive plastic as well as multi-turn trimmers to preserve calibration over longer periods. Due to the discontinuation of the original meters, a high-quality Simpson analog meter has been substituted.

The Compex F760X-RS is a classic FET based compressor that was produced from the early 1970's through the early 1990's. It provides compression, peak limiting and expansion/gating all available simultaneously, in stereo. Input and output transformers are optional.
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