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10 Band Graphic EQ Module

- 10 Band Graphic Equalizer Modul
- 10 sehr musikalisch ausgewählte Frequenzen
- 12dB Boost/Cut
- Individuelle High und Low Pass Filters
- EQ In/Out Schalter
- Cinemag Input und Output Transformatoren
- Qualitativ sehr hochstehende Komponenten
- Von Hand gebaut bei BAE in North Hollywood

The G10 10-Band Equalizer with Balanced Input and Output and  Hi/Low-Pass Filters Is the Ultimate Hands-On Sound Shaping Tool for  Tracking, Mixing, or Mastering.

The G10 combines a punchy, transformer-based signal path with the  versatile 10-band graphic EQ configuration and a 2520 style op-amp  — making it ideal for tweaking drum or guitar sounds, or even processing  an entire mix.

With 10 carefully selected bands offering up to 12 dB of boost or cut  on tap, the G10 offers a level of tone sculpting that can help any  audio sit perfectly in the mix. The easy-to-use slider-based interface  helps users intuitively visualize the EQ curves they are applying.  Switchable high-pass and low-pass filters, tuned at 80 Hz and 12 kHz  respectively, help make the G10 a truly complete sound shaping solution.

The BAE Audio G10 implements an op-amp like those used in well-loved  ‘70s American boards. Unlike some other 10-band equalizers presently on  the market, the G10 is fully transformer balanced on the input and  output. The G10 also features a CineMag transformer balanced in and out  that imbues any audio passing through it with a unique tonal character.
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