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Reference Gold Tube Microphone

- Grossmembran Röhren Mikrofon
- Nieren-, Achter- und Kugel-Charakteristiken
- Kapsel entwickelt von David Josephson
- 12AT7 Röhre, Manley Output Transformator
- Handmade in Chino, California
- Kommt mit Manley X-Cradle Shockmount

The MANLEY GOLD REFERENCE MULTI-PATTERN MICROPHONES are a statement,  quite simply, of the finest microphones that money can buy in the  pursuit of truly accurate musical recordings. The Gold Reference Series  employ our own design of large capsules (1.25 inch overall, 1 inch  diaphragm diameter) which are executed to precise tolerances made  possible by modern micro-milling machinery available today in  California. The capsule rings and back-plates are milled from solid  brass. The gold diaphragm film comes from Germany and is tensioned using  proprietary techniques by David Josephson ensuring capsule-to-capsule  constancy, combined with the speed, "air", and superb ultra-high  frequency response you have only dreamt about.

The all-tube electronics in the MANLEY REFERENCE SERIES MICROPHONES  are built around two triodes in cascade forming an entire gain-block. We  have recently switched to a dual-triode 12AT7 tube, easily obtainable  and replaceable, mounted in a ceramic socket. (We originally used 6072A  until it became impossible to find quiet ones out of the NOS dreck left  on the market, then we used 12AX7 for awhile.) The output is coupled  through a MANLEY output transformer of unparalleled quality and  substantial physical size employing nickel laminations with "hum  bucking" bi-filar windings, encased in mu-metal. The polar pattern  control is continuously variable between the OMNI, CARDIOID, and FIGURE 8  positions vastly increasing this mic’s versatility. The Gold Mics make  it possible to exactly tailor the proximity effect to achieve the  desired character.

We have chosen a very open weave stainless-steel grille for the  capsule window which allows all the highs to reach the capsule  unimpaired letting the engineer choose if, when, and how much pop screen  is appropriate. As a result, the Reference Gold reaches to the furthest  extremes of highs and lows with gorgeous natural acoustic smoothness.  Some engineers tell us it sometimes "hears" more than they do! A locking  6-pin XLR connector for the 30 foot power supply cable carries the  stringently filtered B+ and regulated heater voltages from the separate  dedicated power supply. The audio signal exits the PSU via a traditional  3-pin XLR jack. The microphone body is machined from brass providing  excellent shielding properties, polished to a high lustre, then plated  with 24 karat gold for an impressive finish, inspiring confidence in  artists and producers.

Our proprietary precision suspension system is provided with each  REFERENCE MICROPHONE (the capsule itself is mounted onto a  neoprene-rubber shock-mount.) Because the entire working "guts" of the  microphone may be removed for service in one piece from the housing, it  is envisioned that the microphone need not be removed from the  suspension. We also provide a very useful swivel of our own design with  every REFERENCE MICROPHONE; its T-bar handle and locking clutch action  require no tools to adjust. And no MANLEY microphone would be complete  without a genuine leather capsule protector which slips (and ties) onto  the end of the microphone to protect the capsule when not in use.
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