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B2 Bomber DAC
Stereo D/A Converter

- Stereo D/A Wandler, 19" 1U
- 24 Bit, 44.1 bis 192kHz Sampling Rate
- Custom Design BOPA1 OpAmp
- Passive Filter
- All Class A
- Ohne Kondensatoren im Signalweg
- Metering mit RMS und Peak Anzeige
- AES/EBU, S/PDIF & TOSLINK Digital Inputs
- Dante Digital Input optional
- BNC Wordclock Input und 2 Outputs
- 115dB Dynamik Range

The B2 BOMBER DAC is the result of tireless digital to analog research and development. As a result the B2 DAC features unique class-A, discrete op-amps with passive filtering. This makes the B2 DAC ideal for monitoring. Couple this with state of the art conversion technology and the B2 BOMBER DAC delivers sonic purity and dynamics thus far unheard  of.

As a compliment to the B2 ADC, the B2 DAC punches you in the chest with low end while the 3D spaciality and stereo spread give you amazing detail throughout the spectrum. Add to that a sweet tone that is easy on your ears, and you have a unit that you will instantly fall in love with! Both the B2 ADC and B2 DAC feature identical, incredibly low jitter clocking, precision metering and stepped attenuators. Couple the B2 ADC with the B2 DAC and you have the B2 Bomber Master Signal Chain, a force to be reckoned with!
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