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Audio Creation & Manipulation Module

- Audio Creation & Manipulation Modul
- Front-End Linear VCA
- 4 Stage Wave Folder zuschaltbar
- TempCo SawCore VCO
- Linear und Exponential FM
- Bipolare Modulatoren für FM
- Phase Locked Loop
- PLL Frequency Multiplier/Divider
- Variable Slew & Damping in PLL
- Switched Capasitor Filter
- Multimode Filter Output
- -12 & -24dB/Oct Output Taps
- Selbstoszillation stabil mit -24dB/Okt

Introducing the WMD Synchrodyne, a multi part and multi use eurorack module for the creation and manipulation of audio. Containing several pieces to a traditional synthesizer voice, the Synchrodyne is a powerful addition to any subtractive oriented system. However, it is designed primarily as an experimental sound source/filter, intended to push the limits of modular synthesis...WMD style.
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