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Mono Midrange Tube Equalizer

- Mono Midrange Röhren Equalizer
- Als Ergänzug zum PE 1C Pultec Equalizer
- Röhren Push-Pull Verstärker Design
- Passives EQ Design mit tiefem Rauschen
- 5 Frequenzen Low Peaks
- 11 Frequenzen Mid Dips
- 5 Frequenzen High Peaks
- Potentiometer aus Konduktiv-Plastik
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output

The TUBE-TECH ME 1B is a passive, all-tube midrange EQ based on the legendary Pultech MEQ5, featuring two boost- and one dip section. The bandwidth of the ME1B sections is designed broader than in the MEQ5 for ultra-smooth and musical equalization, perfect for vocals, instruments, speech and all other midrange sources.
Mid frequencies have always been very important, when eqing instruments and vocals to make a mix come together. TUBE-TECH ME 1B can shape the midrange frequencies in that very pleasant way, only a passive equalizer is capable of.

Even extreme midrange boosts still sound open and warm without the slightest trace of harshness.

ME 1B is the perfect partner for the PE1C program eq and works very well as a bus EQ for many different uses.
The famous Motown sound?  The ME1B is an important tool tool for adding that nice midrange to your recordings.
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