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PianoMic Stereo Recording System

- Das originale PianMic System, TEC Award Winner 2008
- Unsichtbar ausserhalb des Pianos
- Benötigt weder Mikrofon-Ständer noch -Arme
- Exzellente Soundqualität mit offenen oder
   geschlossenem Deckel
- Keine Einsprechungen fremder Signale
- Unglaublich hohes Gain vor Feedback
- Piano- und andere Instrument-Aufnahmen in gleichem
  Raum möglich
- Max. Input Lebel bei 148dB
- Schnelles und einfaches Setup
- Studio- und Touring-Version erhältlich
- Passt dank Teleskop-Stangen zu allen Pianos

The PianoMic™ System was designed to revolutionize piano miking and  achieve an incredible improvement in piano sound for live and recording  applications with no mic stands or booms. There is more gain before  feedback, significantly less leakage from surrounding instruments and  the same pristine sound quality with the piano lid either up or down. At  the heart of the system are two Random Incidence, omnidirectional, 40  kHz High Definition Microphones™. With a frequency response of 9 Hz to  40 kHz, the mics deliver extraordinary impulse response and extremely  short diaphragm settling times. In addition, the microphones exhibit no  proximity effect, regardless of their distance from the piano strings or  soundboard. The mics, when positioned close to the sound source, also  provide incredible gain before feedback.

40 kHz Random Incidence Microphones
The innovative PianoMic™ System required the design of unique high  definition microphones. Virtually all microphones used for recording and  sound reinforcement are “free field” microphones, designed to pick up  sounds in front of them. In contrast, the microphones in the PianoMic™  System are actually placed within the sound field of the piano, where  sound is coming at the microphones from multiple sources and multiple  directions. Each string is a separate sound source and the soundboard is  also a sound source.

In addition, there are multiple reflections of each sound source from  the soundboard, piano sides and piano lid. These reflections, arriving  from different angles, create what is known as a “diffuse sound field.” A  “random-incidence” microphone is designed to be placed within such a  diffuse sound field and pick up sounds uniformly, whether they arrive at  the front, the sides or the rear of the microphone. The PianoMic™  System achieves much of its remarkable performance through the use of  specially designed, 40kHz random-incidence High Definition Microphones™.

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