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4 Channel Remote Mic Preamplifier

- 4 Kanal Mikrofon Vorversträrker, fernsteuerbar
- Basiert auf legendärer 1081 Vorverstärker
- Fernsteuerbar via Mac oder PC mit Neve Remote Software
- Bis zu 16 Geräte für 64 Kanäle verlinkbar
- Digital Output 24/192/DSD optional

Four Classic Mic Preamps, One Powerful Remote-Controlled Unit
Every function of the 4081 can be controlled directly from the front panel or by remote control using a Mac or PC with Neve Remote Control software. This provides a simple and elegant solution for users of ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase and similar DAW systems. Multiple 4081 units can be linked together to create up to 64 independent channels of Mic Preamps or Line Level inputs – all controlled from a single computer.
And now with Version 2.00 software, metering information is  displayed within the Remote Mic Control window, which is passed back from the 4081 unit(s) to the Remote Mic Control software running on the  computer being used for remote control.
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