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The Brute II
Stereo Opto-Cell Limiter

- Stereo Opto Limiter
- Opto-Zelle aus TSL VacRac
- Trafosymmeterite Inputs und Outputs
- VF600 discrete OpAmp Blocks
- Analog VU Meter für Output und Rain Reduction
- Mix Control Wet/Dry
- Gain Reduction Control
- Ratios: Classic, Scary, Crazy, Psycho
- Stereo-Link und Relais-basierter Bypass
- High Pass Filter bei 250 Hz in Sidechain

The Brute is Inward Connections’ most popular offering to date.  It borrows the ultra-smooth opto-cell circuit of the flagship Vac Rac TSL-4 and pairs it with the VF600 discrete amp block, making the Brute a tremendous value.   It smoothly controls transients while adding vibe and character with an airy quality.  For 500 Series users it has become a near instant classic the world over.  

For non-500 Series users, that revered sound is now available in a stereo-linkable, 1RU rackmount version, the Inward Connections Brute II.  The Brute II’s new, rugged steel chassis leaves plenty of room for features not previously offered in its 500 Series predecessor.  The most notable new features are built-in Wet/Dry Mix control, internal linking and four Ratio settings to choose from.  These new features open new doors for tracking and mixing possibilities.  The Brute II is the optical limiter for every engineer.
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