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Stereo Peak & RMS Meter

- Stereo Peak und RMS Anzeige
- Digital gesteuert
- XLR Pass-Through Inputs
- 2 Ranges (-39 bis +20dB in 1dB, -19.5 bis +10dB in 0.5dB Steps
- Peak Hold Funktion

The Fredenstein U70F is the LED Peak-Program-Meter with simultaneous RMS indication. Each channel uses 60 LEDs for an impressive detailed display.

There are two ranges: -39 to +20dB at 1 dB resolution or -19.5dB to +10dB at 0.5dB resolution. There is also a switchable peak hold function with 2.5 second or indefinite hold (manual reset). There are also 4 dot and bar display modes that make sense visually. The meter ballistics were also carefully chosen with familiarity being a key factor.

The back panel features XLR inputs with “pass-thru” XLR outputs, to simplify wiring (no “Y” cables). It is available as a desktop unit or as  a rack-mountable 19 inch 1U enclosure.

The U70F was designed with accurate digital recording in mind and intended for those that prefer clean accurate meters put in clear line-of-sight. Sometimes the producer and muscians appreciate meters they can see too. Sometimes those on-screen meters are just not easily read from across the control room or are covered by a crowded screen when you need them.
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