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Compressor/Limiter Module

- 500 Series Kompressor/Limiter Modul
- Feed-Forward oder Feedback Control, mit Blend
- Feed-Forward für agressives Transienten-Shaping
- Feedback für warme Kompression, auch für Stereobus
- LED-Meter zeigt Input, Output oder Gain Reduction
- Stereolink-Schalter
- Variabler Highpass Filter

Our new PWM-501 is an extremely versatile compressor, offering the engineer a wide range of sound sculpting options.

The compression range and palette of sounds that can be found with the 501 is virtually infinite. With its Feed-Forward and Feed-Back Control, you have two completely different sounding compressors. If you need aggressive transient shaping for drums and percussion instruments, just dial in your desired amount of compression with Feed-Forward mode. Or use Feedback mode for a seriously round and warm response on things like drum overheads, bass and vocals. You can dial in the perfect amount of glue for anything you want. It is a sweetly enhancing sound, that is well suited for all-duty workhorse compression.
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