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Monolith Keyboard
Modular Synthesizer with 37 Keyboard

- Modular Synthesizer mit 37 Tasten Keyboard
- In Case mit Power Supply
- Vollständiger Mono Synthesizer mit 15 Modulen:
  2x Spectrum Oscillators
  1x Pole Zero Filter
  1x Amplitude Discrete VCA
  1x Scaling Polarizer and Offset
  1x Ultra Wavefolder
  1x Blender/4 Channel Crossfading Mixer
  1x Quad Attenuator
  1x Toolbox Utility Module
  1x Mini Slew Function Generator
  1x LVLS Output Modul
  1x Keyscan mit Aftertouch, Velocity & MIDI

The Monolith system is a fully functional modular system combined with the familiarity of a performance keyboard.  It can be intimidating to begin using a modular system, but, with our system, players will be able to design almost any sound they can imagine intuitively and easily once they are familiar with the rudiments of modular patching.  The Monolith is a pro level monosynth that is at home in the studio and on the stage, but it also serves as a bridge for users to learn modular synthesis.
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