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Motown DI WB-3
DI Box

- Originale Replika für den berühmten Motown Sound
- Deutliche färbende Verzerrungen
- Variabler Attenuator für High Level Inputs
- 2x TRS Inputs, XLR Output
- Groundlift-Schalter
- Stahl-Gehäuse

During Motown’s heyday, a major technical component of “The  Detroit Sound’ was the direct input box (DI). Designed by a young Motown  audio engineer in the early 1960s, the musicians plugged straight in  and achieved a distinct, colorful distortion that would become  recognizable all over the world. The DI box was adopted by such Motown  greats as James Jamerson Sr., Dennis Coffey and Bob Babbitt, who defined  the sound of a generation with their soulful playing and crisply  captured notes.

Recreated by Acme Audio, the new Motown D.I. WB-3 brings the exact  character as the original DI box. Modern updates include the improved  variable attenuated for high-level input and the custom-made, rugged  steel case (the original DIs were built in Aluminum boxes). Owners of  the Motown DI will find that it increases sound quality in a marginal  acoustic environment, for the cleanest, purest sound source possible.
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