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Stereo Short Ribbon Microphone

- Legendäres symmetrisches Bändchen-Design
- 2 aufeinander abgestimmte Bändchen
- Doppelte Acht für Blumlein Stereoaufnahmen
- Lundahl LL2912 Output Transformator optional

The X-15 Stereo ribbon microphone houses two separate  matched ribbon motors that are positioned one above the other. The  elements are offset 90 degrees and are configured in the Blumlein setup.  Stereo separation is superb and off-axis coloration is minimal. Add in  the excellent sensitivity and frequency response range the X-15  will  produce an audio that is second to none.

The fit and finish are of top quality and includes a premium suspension shockmount, thick padded leatherette pouch and an  upgraded aluminum case. Package also includes a 20ft. 5-Pin XLR cable  that connects directly to a splitter cable that Y's to two 3-PIN MALE  XLR connectors for connection to outboard gear.

Legendary symmetrical ribbon design is incorporated into the X-15.

Unlike most ribbon motors designed today with an  offset ribbon element the new Cascade X-15 houses two hand-tuned ribbon  elements that incorporate the legendary symmetrical ribbon design. This  design offers a true figure 8 pattern. The corrugated aluminum membrane  itself is positioned in the center from front to back, thus producing a  balanced audio input signal to both sides of the ribbon assembly.

Shipping includes:
- X-15 Stereo Ribbon Microphone
- Suspension Shockmounjt
- 20ft 5-Pin XLR Cable
- Splitter Cable
- Leathertte Pouch
- Aluminium Case

Suggested Uses:
- Live Stereo Recording
- Drum Overheads
- Horns
- Strings
- Piano

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