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Large Ribbon Microphone

- Passives Bändchen Mikrofon, Achter-Charakteristik
- Grosses Bändchen: 5cm x 0.5cm; Dicke: 1.8 micron
- Magnete aus Neodymium
- Toridial Transformator von Stager
- Gewicht: 400g
- Paare für Blumlein-Stereo mit Stereobar erhältlich
- Standardfarbe schwarz, andere Farbe optional
- Von Hand gebaut in Nashville, USA

While weighing in at under one pound, the SR-2N crams an inordinate amount of size into the sound of your tracks. Employing the same ribbon and toroidal output transformer as the company's flagship model SR-1A, the Stager SR-2N swaps out the large alnico magnets with a more contemporary neodymium motor, while simplifying the housing and mount to put heavyweight punch into a featherweight fighter.

Incredible low-frequency pickup and a neutral midrange set the stage for a very gentle high-frequency roll off that's inherent to classic ribbons -- but the SR-2N miraculously loses no transient detail, and beautifully flatters percussive material and bright sound sources in a way that won't make you feel like you're missing anything by skipping the EQ.

Stick one up close on the smaller speaker of an old tube combo for tremendous low-end emphasis, back up a pair to capture drums with a three-dimensional quality, or...jeez...just leave the thing on a stand and point it at anything that makes sound, then stretch out a big ol' smile when you listen to playback.
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