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PTC - Pure Tube Channel
Mono Tube Microphone Preamplifier

- Mono Röhren Mikrofon Vorverstärker, 19" 1U
- Gain bis +60dB, Trim +/-5dB
- Mic/Line Input Schalter
- Frontpanel DI-Input
- Phantom Power & Phase Reverse
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output
- Custom Tube Sets auf Anfrage

Pure tube signal path
Classic pure tube signal path built with a minimalistic approach and minimum passive parts including an input Carnhill transformer, two military-grade tubes: 6N2P-EW and 6N1P-EW which work in class A and an Edcor output transformer. The signal path includes only two Mundorf capacitors to get the best classic tube sound and as low non-harmonic distortion as possible.

High impedance instrument input
A specially designed high impedance instrument input is added for direct recording of guitar, bass or sound modules. The signal is fed directly to the tube grid for classic sound performance. High Z input is also suitable for recording of clean guitars for later use with amp modeling software in your DAW. In this case, your recordings can benefit from a low noise, proper impedance matching and added nice tube coloration for the high-quality final result.

Balanced transformer isolated input and output
The best microphone preamp must have both input and output transformers. They isolate galvanically the preamp from other audio devices, and give the best isolated balanced signals with lowest CMMR and increase the sound quality adding pretty sweet musically harmonics to your recordings. On the backside, PTC is equipped with 2 XLRs and easy to access tube sockets.
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