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Versa Face-Up VS11
1 Bay Rack

- Rack für 19" Outboard Equipment
- 1 Bay Rack mit 12 HE Rackspace
- Graue Seitenpanels
- Geräte werden von oben eingebaut
- Erhöhung und Rollensatz optional

The "Face-Up" is a 12-rack space (per rack bay), very  low profile rack that provides great equipment visibility and places the controls literally at your fingertips. The wide handle and rubberized,  heavy duty casters make it very easy to maneuver.

A slotted bottom provides ample air flow and a  fabric covered, removable rear access panel makes wiring easy and helps reduce unwanted acoustical reflections. To personalize your "Face-Up"  rack, navigate "CREATE YOUR RACK" and choose your options.
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