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Cloudlifter CL-Zi
Variable Impedance Instrument Activator

- Cloudlifer CL-Zi, DI Box mit Cloud Technologie
- Hi-Z Input und Mikrofon Input als Combo-Buchse
- Auch als normaler CL-Z mit Mikrofon Input
- Variable stufenlose Impedanz von 15 Ohm bis 15 kOhm
- Variabler Highpass Filter von 20 Hz bis über 4 kHz
- 3 Gain Settings +12dB, +6dB oder +3dB für Instrument
- 3 Gain Settings +25dB, +12dB oder +6dB für Mikrofon
- Speziell für mittelklassige Audio Interfaces geeignet
- Patentierte JFET-Technologie und Vari-Z User Interface

The Cloud® Microphones Cloudlifter® CL-Zi Instrument/Mic Activator® brings our popular Cloudlifter technology to guitar players, bass players, keyboard players and more, allowing you to contour your sound with variable impedance loading.

The CL-Zi’s variable impedance “Z” knob and high-pass filter work in tandem to create massive tone control through the manipulation of impedance loading. This is a great way to customize your tone before the gain stage of your signal path – just turn the “Z” knob until it sounds right!

The CL-Zi has a three-position gain switch allowing for minimum gain, more gain, or the maximum gain available (up to approx. 12dB for instruments and an impressive +25db for microphones). This allows you to access clean gain and a lower noise floor for many studio or stage applications, from an electric guitar player that uses amp modeling or an acoustic guitar player performing live to singers with dynamic microphones to increase gain before feedback on stage.

The new CL-Zi also retains all of the original Cloudlifter-Z features for adding clean gain to dynamic and ribbon microphones.