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Stereo Solid State 4 Band Equalizer

- Stereo Solid State 4 Band Equalizer
- All-discrete, true differential Class A Input Buffer
- Symmetrischer oder asymmetrischer Input wählbar
- 3. Generation FSA-03 EQ Amplifier
- Verbesserte Output State, kein Mute nötig
- True Hardwire-Bypass
- Verbesserte interne Stromversorgung
- Diskreter J-FET Solid State Signalweg
- Minimalistisches Design
- 4 EQ Bänder vo 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- Q Faktor einstellbar von 0.4 bis 4.0
- Extrem tiefes Rauschen -106dB
- Ultrapremium Komponenten
- Vergoldete Kontakte, Schalter und Relais
- Silber Teflon Stromverkabelung
- Mogami Neglex OFC Audioverkabelung

A great sounding EQ!  I had the NSEQ-2 which I Liked a lot. I used the solid state mode on most of the tracks I mastered, so once I had heard that the NSEQ-4 came out I was very interested in checking it out. When I hooked it up and worked with it ,I fell in love with it.  Its clear, its full and it can really sparkle..
Maor Appelbaum  Mastering Engineer

Wonderful wonderful low end.. Sweet, transparent, clean - loved the original NSEQ-2, but this was quite an improvement!
Rafa Sardina, Grammy award winning engineer/producer

The NSEQ-4 has brought new meaning to "elegance" in audio control and sound quality.  Where the NSEQ-2 was head and shoulders above many other equalizers in musicality, control, and audio quality, the NSEQ-4 has taken all those attributes to a new level.  I ran a 2 vs. 4 test with a solo piano recording:  One channel only split to both the 2 and the 4 and returned back to the monitor.  I set the same frequency on each EQ and pushed both units to the max at that frequency since I wanted to learn what the worst case scenario might be.  With piano, this would usually yield a hopeless result - even the slightest shortcoming will show in most any EQ unit when pushed this way.  The NSEQ-4 actually held up quite well to this sort of abuse!  Additionally, I found the residual noise level of the NSEQ-4 to be subjectively quite a bit lower than the NSEQ-2.  I liked the "character" of the residual noise of the 4 much better.  The noise is so low that it is no concern whatsoever in listening or use.
Michael Bishop, Grammy award winning engineer/producer
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