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Active Version of R88 MKII Ribbon Microphone

- Aktive Version des R88 MKII Stereo Bändchen Miks
- 12dB mehr Gain als R88 MKII
- Kompatibel mit jeglichen Preamps und Impedanzen
- Schnelle und akkurate Transientenwiedergabe
- Stereo Bändchen Mikrofon mit natürlichem Klang
- Präzise Abbildung des Stereobildes mit nur einem Mik
- Max. SPL 141 dB
- Doppel Achter-Charakteristik für Blumlein Stereo

The R88A: An Active Version
For those without access to an ideal preamp, AEA offers the Active R88A, a premium version of the R88 complete with JFET electronics and the same custom transformer used in our active R44. It’s basically an R88 with a built-in preamp.

The active R88A mic retains the same sonic character of the R88, but with an additional 12dB of output and a stable impedance. This gives a consistent frequency response and greater flexibility with different preamps, including those found in audio interfaces for personal computers. This is great for on-the-road musicians who might have to use a different preamp each night.

The extra 12db of output is vital when recording quiet sources like vocals or soft acoustic guitars. The active circuitry also prevents noise interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs. The R88A’s active circuitry requires standard 48-volt phantom power to operate. The premium R88A is visually distinguished by a red cable at its base.
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