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Mini AC Line Conditioner

- Mini AC Line Conditioner/Power Conditioner
- 1 IEC Input mit Power On/Off Schalter
- 2 IEC Outputs mit je 750W
- Überspannungsschutz mit Reset-Schalter
- Ideal zum Schutz von aktiven Monitor-Paaren
- Kleiner Brunder vom Noise Buster
- Entwickelt für Studio und Bühne
- Stahlgehäuse
- Produziert in Italien

If a bad power supply causes  undesired crackles and noises, the MNB Teknosign is the best portable solution, perfect for improving the situation. Mini AC Line Conditioner is a  suppressor  of interferences and a line air conditioner, provided of  two outputs, every one of 750 Watt. The product has an incorporated overcurrent protection, supplied with a button for resetting. Bornt as the smaller brother of the Noise Suppressor, it is the ideal product for all the technicians who work on the road  and who want to be ready in whatever condition of work.
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