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The ultimate Compressor Plug-In

- Empirical Labs Classic Knee Compression als Plug-In
- Einfache Bedienung - Extrem guter Klang
- White Knobs für Input, Output, Attack & Release
- Empirical Labs Detector Modeling
- Breitband Saturator
- Einzigartige AtMod Attack Modification Control
- Highpass & Bandpass Sidechain Equalizer
- Rivet Brick Wall Ratio
- Blend Control für Parallel-Kompression
- 18 Presets


For many years, processing speed, sample rates and copy protection were limiting. Things have changed. Digital Technology can now come very close to having all the wonderful non-linearity and “warts” of the best analog gear. We say “close” because most of Empirical Labs’ analog gear will pass 150KHz easily, and that is something that is impossible with current digital technology. But hey, who hears above 20KHz?  But it is difficult getting everything right up to that 20KHz, especially at sample rates of 48KHz and below.

As this plug-in does all kinds of non-linear stuff, we had to employ a variety of techniques to minimize common digital artifacts found in almost all digital compressors/limiters etc. Unfortunately, these techniques are costly as far as processing, and one has to streamline certain DSP processes for less CPU load without sacrificing any audio quality. Ironically, sometimes stuff that is hard in Analog is easy in Digital, and sometimes stuff that is hard (or impossible) in Digital is easy in Analog.

The first implementation of this plug-in is “skeuomorphic”, i.e tries to imitate the look and feel of real world stuff. In this case, it is the look and feel of Empirical Labs hardware. But in Digital, whole universe opens up with interfaces. Suddenly things you could never do in the hardware world become simple. It’s a wonderland.

The best part of getting this plug-in now, is that more features are coming, including new processing and interface changes, but… the plug-in will be backwards compatible.
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