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3 Band Equalizer Module

- Legendäres 3 Band EQ Design
- Rotary Controls für genauste Einstellungen
- Signal-LED von -25dB bis +24dB
- In/Out-Schalter
- Elektronisch symmetrierter Input und Output
- Audio Processing Insert für 1073LB

Legendary EQ for 500-series
Launched in 1970, the original  Neve 1073 module is perhaps the world’s most famous and desirable microphone preamp and EQ for recording vocals and instruments of all  types.

The first choice of countless leading producers and artists, the  1073 delivers the unique Neve sound featured on many of the most famous  recordings of the past 40 years. The big, punchy sound of the 1073  classic complements any musical genre – from rock to pop, hip hop to  rap, thrash to classical. And now the EQ section of that classic unit is  available for your 500-series rack.

Crafted in England by Neve engineers, the 1073LBEQ mono EQ module  retains the unique sonic characteristics of the original 1073 classic EQ  by using the same EQ circuit architecture and matching components. And  it delivers it in a modern and portable form-factor that professional producers and engineers demand.

With new features like a signal presence LED and Neve’s clever Audio Processing Insert design, the 1073LBEQ takes your 500-series  rack to the next level.

Simply install into an empty slot in your compatible 500-series rack,  connect your line level signals and inject the legendary Neve EQ sound  into your audio creations. And it’s the perfect pairing for the  incredible Neve 1073LB microphone preamp module.  The 1073LBEQ module can be inserted between the input and output stages  of the 1073LB module, creating a true 1073 classic audio path.

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