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Fatboy Rack
Mono/Stereo Tube DI Box

- Röhrenbasierte Direct Injection Box
- In Mono oder Stereo erhältlich
- Diskret aufgebaute Schaltung
- Kompakt und extrem robust
- Trafosymmetrierter Output LoZ XLR
- Pin 1 Ground Lifts

Winner of the Vintage King Nashville - Bass DI Shootout
The perfect live & studio companion for pulling out great tone from your Hi-Z instrument.

There are many fine sounding vacuum tube direct boxes on the market. However, in our listening tests, none of them compare to the air and depth delivered by the Fatboy Tube DI. Simplicity and perfection meet.

As veteran recording  and design engineers, we knew what we wanted to hear when we set out to bring the Fatboy Tube DI to the audio recording community. We, like many of you, have been missing the richness and definition of sound in most modern recording equipment.

The Fatboy Tube DI has become the vaccum tube direct injection box by which all others are measured.
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