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HD FM Series
High Definition FlexMic Podium Mics
mit Schwanenhals

- HD-Speaker Mikrofone für Podium
- Länge 328mm, 475mm, 589mm oder 686mm
- Nieren- und Hypernieren-Charakteristiken
- Schwanenhals voll flexibel oder mit starrer Mitte
- Gleichmässiger Freqzenzgang On und Off Axis bis 20 kHz
- Frequenzgang von 50 Hz bis 40 kHz +/-2dB
- Maximaler Schalldruckpegel 139dB SPL
- Keine Handling-Geräusche
- Sehr hohe Rückwärtsdämpfung
- RFI geschützt
- Sehr hohes Gain vor Feedback
- Von oben, unten und seitwärts einsprechbar

The 40khz High Definition FlexMic™ podium microphones will allow you  to hear more detail with greater clarity than previously possible. Just  plug one into the XLR connector on a podium and you will find the  audible results absolutely spectacular. The new FMHD podium microphones  are the perfect choice for those who demand only the very best and are  ideal for use in civic centers, boardrooms, educational facilities,  theatres, churches and houses of congress.

Earthworks’ patented technologies incorporated into the HD FlexMic™  Series provide a high level of speech intelligibility and uniform  off-axis response to ensure the orator is heard clearly, with no loss in  sound quality, when speaking at the front or at the sides of the  microphone. This smooth off-axis response also provides more gain before  feedback. With 145dB SPL max acoustic input, it is virtually impossible  to overload the microphone. There is also high rejection of sounds from  the rear of the microphone, with no handling noise in addition to  incredible RFI rejection.

Primary Applications:
Lecture Halls, Presentation Spaces, Churches, Civic Centers, Theaters and Government Facilities
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