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542P R
Stereo Equalizer with Plug In Recall Module

- Ferngesteuertes Stereo 2 Parametric EQ Modul
- Bedienung Plug In in DAW
- Stereo Parametric Sektion
- Stereo Low Cut Filter mit 24dB/Okt
- Stereo High Cut Filter mit 12dB/Okt
- Total Recall, 399 Memory Sets
- USB Anschluss an DAW inkl. Automation
- AU, VST, RTAS und AAX Plug-Ins
- 500 Series 2 Slot Modul

Besides their pure analog signal paths, these units have a full digital recall with 399 cells for your own presets, which you can recall with one touch.

You can save your settings in the internal memory of the EQ’s as well as in your D.A.W….AND… in your project with your AUTOMATION.

Another important thing is that when working with EQ542 Remote, you are always in your sweet spot. Remote version means that the EQ has no front controls and all operations are made form your DAW.

By building these equalizers, Bettermaker wanted to create devices that would have a maximum range of usage and a very characteristic, but clean sound. We picked out the best classic designs and modified them to be  more practical. As we work faster and faster every day, we need to have the highest quality and maximum speed we can get. That was the main motivation to develop the Bettermaker EQ 542P.
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