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IML Series
Installation High Definition Microphones
LumiComm & Touch Ring

- Installations-Mikrofone mit Schwanenhals
- LumiComm Dual-LED und Touch Ring Schalter
- Gleichmässiger Freqzenzgang On und Off Axis bis 30 kHz
- Mehr Gain vor Feedback
- Picks almost no sound from the rear
- Beinahe perfektes Polar Pattern
- Schwanenhals für schnelles und einfaches Positionieren
- Schwarzes Finish bei exponierten Teilen
- Lieferbar in schwarzem, weissem oder silbernen Finish
- Schwanenhälse mit 7.6, 15.2, 25.4 oder 30.5cm Länge

Engineered to operate remotely with a media control system, integrators  have complete freedom to assign function and LED color to the Earthworks  LumiComm™ Touch Ring. The IML microphones feature a near-perfect  cardioid polar response, a wide frequency response, and an incredibly  fast impulse response. What does this mean for your sound? More  sonically clear, detailed and intelligible vocals than any other  installed sound microphone can deliver.

Primary Applications:
Teleconferencing, Distance Learning, Surveillance, Boardrooms, Government Facilities and Ambient Room Miking
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