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Model 286A
Stereo Tube Microphone Preamplifier

- Stereo Röhren Vorverstärker
- PCB Design oder von Hand verdrahtet lieferbar
- Gain bis +72dB, max. Output +24dBu
- Frontpanel DI Input
- Impedanz-Schalter, 100 Hz Low Cut Filter
- Cinemag Input & Output Transformatoren
- EF86 und 12AY7 Röhren im Signalweg
- Schweres Stahl Chassis, Frontpanel-Öffnung
- Von Hand gebaut in Saint Louis, USA

Two Huge Channels of Sweet Harmonic Tube Gain
From beautiful glowing vocals, natural acoustics and punchy drums to overdriven and saturated classic tube warmth, the dual channel 286A preamplifier offers a huge sonic palette for engineers and producers to explore. Its single-ended Class A tube signal path is what makes this preamplifier so special. Inspired by the great vintage Ampex 601 vacuum tube tape recorder, the 286A features two tubes per channel, one EF806 and one 12AY7. This unit employs a few modifications to allow for a cleaner sound than the original Ampex 601 circuit, gaining headroom and better frequency and transient response. The 286A can sound clean and natural with gentle even-order harmonics for a smooth, sweet touch. Get more aggressive with the "Gain" knob and drive the first 12AY7 stage for a warm and colored thickening effect. Go all-out and slam the final 12AY7 stage and output transformer through the "Level" knob for a fully-driven, saturated tube amp sound! Clean and natural to overdriven and fuzzy warm, it's your choice! Along with its classic tube gain stages, the 286A has been given the modern front panel features that allow for flexible interfacing with today's studio equipment.

PCB or Vintage Handwired Builds
The Locomotive Audio 286A is offered in two different build types. Choosing between printed circuit board (PCB) and handwired turret board allow Locomotive Audio customers to pick what is most important in their high-end audio product purchase. We take pride in the craft of handwiring these amplifiers and if you desire a unit with this type of build, then you should have it! Both build options feature the exact same audio circuit design and are exact in all specifications. The printed circuit board design allows for faster production and consistent results over and over, while the vintage turret board handwired technique is more artistic and time consuming. Both builds are made of quality materials and no compromise in audio quality has been made in either design. This makes the build choice all about aesthetics and appreciation for the art of electronic circuit design and assembly.
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