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Model 500DT
Dual Topology Preamplifier Module

- 500 Series Vorverstärker mit 2 Typologien
- Röhren- und Solid State-Verstärker in einem Modul
- Blend Regler beider Typologien
- Polarity-, Pad- & Phantom Power-Schalter
- Tube Gain bis +12dBu mit 12AX7 Röhrenschaltung
- Solid State Gain bis +28dB Output
- Dual Drive Knobs für Input und Output
- Autoswitching Frontpanel DI-Input

The LaChapell Audio 500DT is a 500 series microphone preamp that features two separate topologies or amplification paths. When the blend knob is fully to the TUBE side, the signal will pass through a transformer before being amplified by a TrueTube™ powered 12AX7 vacuum tube. TrueTube is LaChapell Audio’s proprietary method of supplying a full 250V to the vacuum tube so you get loads of clean tube gain.

When the blend knob is turned fully to the OPAMP side, the signal passes directly to a solid state preamplifier. This input is transformer-less and will provide clean gain with exceptionally low noise Placing the blend control anywhere between the two extremes will “blend” the two topologies for a wide variety of tonal options.
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