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Model 099
Tube Limiting Amplifier

- Analoger Mono Röhren-Limiter
- Schaltung basiert auf legendärem Fairchild 660
- Röhrenschaltung mit 3 Röhren im Push-Pull Prinzip
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output
- Output Attenuator -5 oder -10dB
- Standby-Schalter zur Schonung der Röhren
- Sidechain Filter
- Kalibrierung via Frontpanel

The Amtec Model 099 is a tube limiter based on the legendary Fairchild 660. The most important qualities of the original unit such as the sonic character and the compression characteristics are preserved, but the functionality is significantly extended by incorporating many new additions.

No attempts have been made to "improve" technical specifications like bandwidth or distortion, as doing so would inevitably change the signature sound. Part of the charm of the Fairchild is its effect on the frequency response as well as variations of the frequency response with gain reduction. The spectral balance and the harmonic structure change constantly with varying gain.

The Model 099 (the same as its famous predecessor) works on a basic concept of varying bias of a single push-pull remote-cutoff tube stage to achieve gain changes. The tube stage along with input and output tranformers and attenuators form the simplest and shortest signal path possible in a compressor based on the concept. This simplicity has a paramount effect on the sound.

The sound of this family of compressors is strongly dependent on the signal level that is fed into the audio path. The original Fairchild unit was designed to be the most transparent limiter of its era with minimal side effects like distortion or compression artifacts when used conservatively.

At low gain settings and with mild compression the 099 has subtle sonic imprint and a smooth sound. Its surprisingly transparent tone changes considerably when the unit is driven harder.  With every click of the input gain up the tone gets more distinctive with more attitude, weight, warmth and richness.

For easier application of the high gain settings we incorporated an additional output attenuator which allows to reduce the output level by 5db or 10db. The unit can be then driven harder contributing to the natural sounding distortion produced by the tubes and transformers, giving more obvious and aggresive, but easily recognizable and pleasant sound.
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