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Double Triangle-Membran

- Einzigartige patentierte Doppel Dreiecks-Membran
- Variable Charkteristik durch Mischung beider Kapseln
- Natürlicher und cleaner Klang
- Tiefe Verzerrungen bei grossem Dynamikumfang
- Frequenzgang von 7 Hz bis 87 kHz
- Extrem tiefes Eigenrauschen 7dBA

A double version of the EHR-M microphone and one of the few double mics on the market.

EHR-T has the same broad recording characteristics as the EHR-M. The  EHR-T gives you almost total flexibility at the mixer table. With two  separate outputs per microphone, you can mix signals from the two sides  of the mic and adjust the sound pickup characteristics afterwards.

The microphone  has a very strong output signal and is literally noise-free. Its unique  electronics produced by Research Electronics deliver very low distortion  and it has a large dynamic range. An exclusive double microphone with a  transparent and natural sound for professional musicians with high  demands. 100 percent Swedish manufactured.

Primary Uses:
Vocals and Instruments
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