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Kondensator Mikro mit Triangle-Membran

- Einzigartige patentierte Dreiecks-Membran
- Natürlicher und cleaner Klang
- Nieren-Charakteristik
- Frequenzgang von 7 Hz bis 87 kHz
- Extrem tiefes Eigenrauschen 7dBA

A unique studio microphone with a clean and natural sound

The EHR-M is a Swedish manufactured condenser microphone for studio use, designed for music and song recording. Its patented triangular capsule design has been allied to a very low noise and low power phantom feed amplifier. It has been designed to deliver the cleanest sound possible. This enables complex signals to be reproduced in their original form. The sound becomes transparent and  relaxed.

The microphone has broad and smooth pickup characteristics, with deep bass and extended treble. This microphone has among the lowest self-induced noise and highest sensitivity on the market. The output signal is very strong.

Primary Use:
Vocals and Instruments
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