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Kondensator Mikro mit Triangle-Membran
für laute Quellen

- Einzigartige patentierte Dreiecks-Membran
- Nieren-Charakteristik
- Entwickelt für Location und Studio Recording
- Ideal für Drums, Gitarren und Hörner
- Robustes Gehäuse und Mikrofonkorb für Tourneen
- Extrem niedriges Eigenrauschen

EHR-D is a mic special designed for Drums, but many engineers is using it for Guitars and Horns as well.

Metal  producers use it for loud, screaming singers or growlers. To say this  is a Drum microphone is to limit the mic, try it out on any loud source  and you will love it!

It can handle way more SPL then th EHR-M and the houseing is made for the rough life on the road.

It has more background dampening and and is not as wide as EHR-E, this to isolate drum to drum leakage.

Toms and snares sounds amazing in this little friend and standard tom mounts are great if you like to use stands off.

Primary Use:
Drums, Guitars, Horns, Location Recording
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