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Kondensator Mikro mit Triangle-Membran
EHR-M Mini Version

- Einzigartige patentierte Dreiecks-Membran
- Miniatur-Version vom EHR-M Mikrofone
- Natürlicher und cleaner Klang
- Nieren-Charakteristik
- Frequenzgang von 7 Hz bis 87 kHz
- Extrem tiefes Eigenrauschen 7dBA

The EHR-M1 is a miniature of the classical EHR-M

The Mini M has broad and smooth pickup  characteristics, with deep bass and extended highs. It has some of the  lowest self-induced noise and highest sensitivity on the market.

Due  to the small size but big sound this mic is perfect for choirs and  orchestras, horn sections and strings. It has become a favorite among  radio hosts as well. For Over Head micing this mic will pick up the  bottom from floor toms and kick even if it is positioned over the  drummers head. An amazing little creature!

Primary Uses:
Choirs, Orchestras, Horn Sections, Strings, Radio, Overheads, Floor Tom, Kick Drum
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