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Grainy Clampit
Granular & Phase Distortion Additive Oscillator Module

- Digitales Additiv Oscillator Modul
- 1st Stage: Additive Mixing mit 4 Harmonics aus 16
  Wavetables und 16 harmonischen Kombinationen
- 2nd Stage: Granular/Phasen Distortion Mixing
- Back to 1st Stage, Back to 2nd Stage
- 8 Attenuators und 3 Attenuverters

GRAINY CLAMPIT is a granular and phase distortion additive oscillator—brand new heavy territory for Studio Electronics... we know; wait till you hear the stunning contrast it creates when paired with our discrete Class-A OSCILLATION module, and the inorganic to downright 1970's combo organy / CS-80-ish tones it can generate. Pure voltage-controlled candy.
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