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Large Diaphragm Condenser Modeling Microphone

- Grossmembran Kondensator Modeling Mikrofon
- Handselektierte Dual Mikrofon Kapsel
- 12 Mikrofon Emulationen: Edge, Berlin 47, Berlin 67,
 Berlin 87, Tokyo 800T, Berlin M103, Oxford 4038,
 Vienna 12, Berlin 57, Sacramento 121R, Vienna 414,
 Berlin 49T
- Weicher und natürlicher Klang
- FPGA Acoustic 3D Modelling Engine
- Modelliert die bekanntesten Vintage-Mikrofone
- Einzeln oder im Bundle Discrete Preamp erhältlich
- Kommt in Hardcase, mi Shockmount, Popfilter & XLR-Y Kabel

Antelope’s unique mic modeling process starts with the Edge microphone. An outstanding performer in its own right, this large-diaphragm condenser captures vocals and instruments with pristine clarity, providing the ideal platform for Edge mic emulation plug-ins.

Boasting a specially designed low-resonance body, the Edge features a pair of capsules with 6-micron gold-sputtered membranes. These edge-terminated capsules provide an incredibly smooth and natural response that can then be shaped to recreate the character of some of the costliest microphones in existence.

Crucially, the Edge’s two capsules feed two separate outputs, meaning that the signal from each capsule can be individual processed and recombined. While some mic modeling systems can only apply crude EQ adjustments on top of a static mic response, this dual capsule, dual output approach allows us to precisely model every polar pattern on every mic, with accurate on- and off-axis responses, for true multi-dimensional mic modeling.

Edge is designed for all pre amp-equipped Antelope Audio interfaces and outstanding sound can only be guaranteed when used with them. If a user is interested in the Edge emulations but uses an interface from another brand, they should go for the Edge Strip bundle, which includes a perfectly matched two channel Discrete Preamp and several powerful native plugins.

The Emulations
Edge mic includes five timeless Edge mic emulations Berlin 47 FT, Berlin 87, Berlin 67, Tokyo 800T and our own Antelope Edge model. The activation code is in the Edge mic box.

Available in VST, AU and AAX formats for both macOS and Windows, our native Edge mic emulations have a high degree of oversampling and precise floating-point calculations.

The Edge mic native plugins are not sold separately. Their activation code is in the Edge mic box.
While the emulations will be accessible and usable with other gear, they remain closely bonded with Edge. Antelope Audio cannot guarantee for the sound quality of the emulations when used with third-party microphones, thus it is not recommended.

A Better Pair
The Edge powerful modeling algorithm brings the most out of the microphone shine when used with one of our Antelope Audio interfaces with pre-amps.

And we have created these special bundles for you:
Discrete MP - 2 Channel Discrete Preamp & Edge Modeling Microphone
Discrete 4 - 4 Channel Discrete Preamp & Edge Modeling Microphone
Discrete 8 - 8 Channel Discrete Preamp, Edge & Verve Microphones

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